ASX Announcements


12/11/2021Coal Policy review process update
28/10/2021Quarterly Activities Report
28/10/2021Quarterly Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report
18/10/2021Presentation with NCC Reinforces Opportunity for Partnership
13/09/2021Half Yearly Report and Accounts
10/09/2021Change in substantial holding
8/09/2021Change of Director's Interest Notice
6/09/2021Application for quotation of securities - ATU
3/09/2021Entitlement Offer - Close of Shortfall Offer
2/09/2021Entitlement Offer Results & Shortfall Notification
12/08/2021Notification of cessation of securities - ATU
11/08/2021Application for quotation of securities - ATU
9/08/2021Letter to Ineligible Shareholders
9/08/2021Despatch of Prospectus for Entitlement Issue
6/08/2021Supplementary Prospectus
4/08/2021Atrum Completes Entitlement Offer Institutional Component
2/08/2021Proposed issue of securities - ATU
2/08/2021Entitlement Offer to Raise A$3.2m
2/08/2021Trading Halt
30/07/2021Quarterly Activities Report
30/07/2021Quarterly Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report
29/07/2021Final Director's Interest Notice
27/07/2021Results of Meeting
27/07/2021Shareholder AGM Questions
27/07/2021Director Resignation
27/07/2021AGM Presentation
27/07/2021Chairman's Address
22/07/2021Alberta External Affairs Update
1/07/2021Notification of cessation of securities - ATU
25/06/2021Annual General Meeting Letter to Shareholders
25/06/2021Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
23/06/2021Becoming a substantial holder
22/06/2021Regulatory Decision on Grassy Mountain Project
18/06/2021Trading Halt
18/06/2021Pause in Trading
17/06/2021Initial Coal Policy Committee Submission
11/06/2021Ceasing to be a substantial holder
25/05/2021Coal Policy Committee Outlines Engagement Approach
4/05/2021Change of Director's Interest Notice
3/05/2021NCC Support for Responsible Metallurgical Coal Mining
30/04/2021Quarterly Activities Report
30/04/2021Quarterly Cashflow Report
16/04/2021Coal Policy Committee - Terms of Reference
8/04/2021Change of Director's Interest Notice
6/04/2021Appendix 2A
01/04/2021Initial Director's Interest Notice
01/04/2021Final Director's Interest Notice
01/04/2021Final Director's Interest Notice
31/03/2021Full Year Statutory Accounts
30/03/2021Becoming a substantial holder
30/03/2021Ceasing to be a substantial holder
30/03/2021Alberta Stakeholder Consultation Process Details Released
30/03/2021Trading Halt
30/03/2021Pause in Trading
26/03/2021Reinstatement to Official Quotation
26/03/2021Elan Project and Corporate Update
19/03/2021Voluntary Suspension Request
15/03/2021Termination of Underwriting Agreement
12/03/2021S&P DJI Announces March 2021 Quarterly Rebalance
12/03/2021Voluntary Suspension Request
02/03/2021Letter to ATUO Option Holder
01/03/2021Voluntary Suspension Request
18/02/2021Voluntary Suspension Request
12/02/2021Appendix 2A
11/02/2021Suspension from Official Quotation
9/02/2021Change of Director's Interest
9/02/2021Trading Halt
4/02/2021Appendix 2A
27/01/2021Quarterly Activities Report
27/01/2021Quarterly Cashflow Report
25/01/2021Appointment of Joint Company Secretary



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