Atrum believes that the exploration phase of any mining project is the beginning of a lasting partnership with the local communities and stakeholders. To support our engagement efforts, we have opened an office in Blairmore that has allowed us to meet and talk with the many locals that stop in. We have also made a number of presentations to community groups. We look forward to engaging further with the community through public open houses and other events that will help us connect with local stakeholders and identify interests and concerns. We are committed to open, respectful communication, which we believe will ultimately result in a development that reflects the values of the community. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Atrum is committed to the principles of CSR as it applies to all stakeholders in order to minimize the impact of our operations on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.


Our approach to Indigenous Consultation

​As part of our commitment Atrum respects the rights, interests and traditional cultures of the Indigenous Peoples and communities where we operate.  Our CSR program is designed to ensure that all Atrum operations enhance social life, the environment, and generate social and economic benefits to the Indigenous People and communities.  We strive to avoid any adverse impacts by working closely with our Indigenous neighbors.

Our approach:

  • Adopting and successfully applying an engagement and consultation process that builds and sustains mutually beneficial and supportive relationships creating a foundation of trust and respect
  • Ensuring inclusion of meaningful participation of Indigenous communities in the decision making processes
  • Undertaking social and environmental impact assessments through Traditional Land Use Studies to identify and mitigate any potential impacts affecting the Indigenous peoples and communities
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with Indigenous communities by participating and supporting their cultural events, career job fairs, elder and youth programs
  • Engaging and continuing to engage on the protection of their cultural heritage and rights through traditional studies and ongoing communication
  • Best efforts to train, hire and educate Indigenous members and the hire of Indigenous Contractors
Image – Blood Tribe Prayer and Blessing at Elan South, <br>Traditional Knowledge Use Study field work, August 2019
Image – Blood Tribe Prayer and Blessing at Elan South,
Traditional Knowledge Use Study field work, August 2019

Corporate Governance Policy